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  • Where can I buy it?
    Please see our stockist page for the many stores in Australia that sell our EveryMite range. Our smoked range is available in a growing number of stores You can also purchase from us directly through our online shop.
  • What is the difference between the EveryMite versions?
    The Original and the FodMap Friendly versions both use Himalayan Rock Salt. The Low Aussie Salt uses Pure Australian Sea Salt and has half the amount of salt as the others. The Original and the Low Aussie Salt contain less than 2% of raw fermented garlic, onion and chilli however the FodMap Friendly EveryMite does not have any at all. BabyMite is a super low salt and low FodMap version of EveryMIte and it comes in a smaller jar. It is perfect for a baby's palate.
  • Are the products shelf stable?
    EveryMIte and BabyMite have been tested and they are shelf stable even once opened. Our Smoked range is also shelf stable. Shelf stable means that you can store it in the pantry and it does not have to be refrigerated. Our Balms will not liquify, even on the warmest days.
  • Do you have an organic certification?
    Certified Organic ingredients are listed on each label. Evidence of the certificates are on file and can be provided upon request.
  • Where are your products made?
    All of our products are proudly hand made in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Are your products hand made?
    All our products are proudly hand made in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Are your products allergy friendly?
    We are as cautious as possible in all of our production. EveryMite and BabyMite contain sesame seeds. They have been tested for nuts and have been found to be safe and nut free.
  • What are the ingredients and nutritional profile of your products?
    Please see our product page for nutritional charts and ingredient lists.
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