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Bee pollen on Chia and Buckwheat Pudding

All we have done here is add our beautiful bee pollen to an existing beautiful recipe to make it even better….Enjoy!

By Additive-Free Lifestyle

This chia and buckwheat pudding makes the perfect breakfast, lunch or snack. You could make them as big or as little as you like, top with whatever tickles your fancy and enjoy the benefits. We love ours topped with some fresh fruit and nuts.

Chia seeds ideally need to be soaked. If you eat them dry the moisture in your body will swell the seeds and can cause a bit of bloating and discomfort so it’s never a good idea to sprinkle dry chia on top of things like this.

Buckwheat is a great health food. Ideally, sprouting buckwheat is best as your digestive system will thank you for it. Sprouting is easy and a matter of soaking it which is perfect in a pudding like this as it’s all done overnight and ready to eat the next day.


  • 60 g chia seeds

  • 500 g milk of choice

  • 180 g buckwheat kernals

  • toppings of choice (granola, fresh fruit etc) for chia pudding


1. Add all ingredients to a bowl and stir to combine.

2. Pour into glass containers and sit in the fridge overnight to soak.

3. Top with toppings of choice.

Serves 3

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