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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Posted by @nourishandflourishsyd FALAFEL BREAKFAST SKILLET 🍳

The perfect weekend brunch 🥹

The weather in Sydney has been so bad and it’s never stopped raining ☔️

Guess it’s the best time for #homebrunch !

How good is serving food warm in my new favourite AUS-ION™ skillet from @solidteknics 😍 Their pans are 100% Australian own + made to ensure the superior quality! I made this easy Breakfast Hash with falafels (can also use hash browns) and cooked with veggies and cheese 🧀 for a hearty meal 😍 Served with gooey eggs 🍳 & GF veggie Crispbread 😋

I love how the pan has Quenched finish, which means there’s no need for seasoning, which is essential for many cast iron pans! The non-stick layer also builds up naturally over time during oil-based cooking, so these pans are non-toxic, sustainable & multi-century durable!

1 tbsp Cooking oil - Every Organics Slow Smoked EVOO

3 x Bite Me Vegetarian falafels, broken into big pieces

1/2 cup frozen veggies

1 egg 🥚

Salt to taste (I used Every Organics Slow Smoked Sea Salt Flakes)

Pinch of pepper

Served with Spliit Beetroot Crispbread

Method: In a skillet cook frozen veggies with oil and seasoning with salt & pepper, until veggies are softened. Crack an egg in the middle and sprinkle on crumbled falafels and cheese over. Put lid on and cook until cheese is melted. Garnish with herbs/ pepper. Serve hot with Crispbread/ crusty bread 🥖

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