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34 Cents A Serve

34 Cents a serve

I sometimes get asked why EveryMite is so expensive. And I totally understand!!

When you compare the price of EveryMite at $15.95 a jar to the other savoury spread at around $5.00, we are definitely a more expensive product. But, here's the thing. We don't want to produce a budget spread with cheap, inferior, synthetic, heavily processed ingredients that harm your health.

We want to produce a spread that is a health food. Full of nutrient-dense, certified organic ingredients that are of the highest quality and ethically sourced, that will enhance your health, not harm it! And quality ingredients are not cheap. Nor would you expect them to be! So here are a a few points to consider. EveryMite is a health food that is full of vitamins and minerals to enhance your health. How much do we pay for a bottle of vitamin and mineral supplements? Eating high quality, certified organic food is an investment in our health and our future. Eating nutrient dense, real food with minimal processing can help you avoid health problems (and the big health bills) down the track. $15.95 is one takeaway dinner, one cocktail, a bottle of shampoo, a lipstick. What things are high priority and important to our families? Is healthy, organic food high on our list?

A serve of EveryMite is 5g. There are 48 serves in a jar. Each serve (or spread on toast) works out to be about 34 cents a serve. We think that's pretty good value to give your family a little daily boost of vitamins and minerals. Some of you like a more generous serve, but even at double the serving size, at 10g, 68 cents is still great value! EveryMite is a small, family-owned business that cannot compete with big multi-national companies. And we don't want to! We want to remain true to our roots and be able to provide families with an extremely high quality, delicious, nutritious and convenient health spread that kids with allergies and intolerances can eat. EveryMite is committed to giving back to the community and we proudly support various Australian charities and community groups. Every jar of EveryMite you buy helps someone in need.

So yes, EveryMite may be considered 'expensive' in comparison to cheaper products, but we also think at just 34 cents a serve, it's amazing value for money for a health food!

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