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Cold Smoked Sea Salt Set (4 x jars)

Cold Smoked Sea Salt Set (4 x jars)

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Enjoy a set of our beautiful Cold Smoked Sea Salts. 

Cold Smoked in Brisbane using all quality Australian ingredients.

It is all small batch hand made. 

Our process is unique where we do not heat the goodness out of the quality ingredients we use. We also ensure we use special clean wood without any toxins.

More coming soon to add to the set. 

These salts will compliment every dish at home and we hope you love them just as much as we do.

They are so easy to use.

They are perfect for:

Salads, soup, stir fry, meat and veges, dips, and so much more

The set contains:

Cold Smoked Salt and Pepper

Cold Smoked Sea Salt

Cold Smoked Chilli Salt

Cold Smoked Shroom Salt 

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