• Gut Friendly

    Making life easier for people with a food allergies or intolerance.

  • Great for kids

    Loved by everyone in the family. Including kids!

  • Delicious

    Great tasting spreads everyone will enjoy.

  • Give back

    Percentages of profits given back to the community.

Cinnamon and William EveryOrganics


EveryMite, the flagship product of EveryOrganics, was born out of a need for a little boy with food intolerances to have a Vegemite-like spread he could happily eat. 

Brisbane mum, Cinnamon Morrissey, created EveryMite over a three year period in her kitchen for her son, William.

Cinnamon knows how difficult it is to have a son with serious food intolerances and gut issues.

​EveryOrganics' purpose is to make life easier for people with a food allergy or intolerance to help you and your loved ones “smile every day”.

Staying true to her values, Cinnamon uses a percentage of her profits to give back to the community.

  • Smiles for EveryOrganics
  • More smiles for EveryOrganics
  • Everymite everywhere
  • Everymite is great for snacks
  • Smiles all round for Everymite
  • Great snacks for babies
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The success of EveryMite and the smiles it brings to so many people inspired Cinnamon to establish EveryOrganics - everyday products like body balm, baby balm, olive oil, and salt, handmade in Brisbane from organic ingredients with nothing artificial added.

EveryMite is now sold in 700 stores and loved by thousands of people throughout Australia and New Zealand.