WHOLESOME BREKKIE BOWL w/ Teriyaki Tempeh & Shroom Coffee

What’s a better way to start your day with a wholesome bowl of greens, veggies, plant protein, and healthy fats? This fueled me up the whole morning and only takes 15 minutes to make!! I paired this with Shroom Coffee which is made with coffee, medical mushroom & almond mylk (recipe below)

Makes 2 bowls

Teriyaki Tempeh:

  • 200g Tempeh @_herofoods_ sliced & pan-fried with oil till golden brown, turn heat off and drizzle with Teriyaki Cocomino @niulife (or see my previous Teriyaki sauce recipe)

Lemony Kale:

  • 4-5 stems kale, cut into bite-size & sautéed with EVOO, dressed with 1/2 fresh lemon & manuka @hab_shifa_black_seed
  • 2 large bell peppers, cut into small pieces then roasted w/ EVOO & Australian Chicken Salt @gewurzhaus (or onion, garlic powder + s&p)

1 large avocado + sprinkle of Organic Black Seeds @hab_shifa_black_seed

GF Superseded Loaf @choicesglutenfree + Superfood spread @everymite

Shroom Coffee:

  • 1/2 cup Cold-pressed coffee @beforeyouspeakcoffee, warmed
  • 1 tbsp Super Shrooms @drink.mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup hot almond mylk made from Almond Mylk Base @nutsbynaturemylk
  • Optional 2 tsp Manuka
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