Edamame avo toast

It is time for a delicious EDAMAME AVO TOAST Avo ToasT for some savoury breakfast to start my day!

✨ Packed with protein, wholegrains, fibre and healthy fats!! Paired with mint tea which helps with digestion 👌🏻 If you haven’t tried mashed avo + edamame combo you need to give this a go!! I cooked everything in smoked EVOO and sea salt flakes to give a yummy smoky flavour!

  • Edamame, Caulilni and vegan sausage @v2foodofficial: pan-fried with slow-smoked EVOO & sea salt @everyorganics
  • 1/2 Avocado (mashed) + lemon juice

🍞 Sprouted spelt bread @purelifebakery

✨Bamboo cutlery @naturalbamboogift

✨Ceramic plate @potteryfortheplanet

🍵Mint tea @madameflavour @thegoodieboxaustralia

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