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Cold Smoked Pure Australian Sea Salt x 1

Cold Smoked Pure Australian Sea Salt x 1

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We handmake our Cold Smoked Salts in small batches.

We only use all quality Australian ingredients.

Cold Smoking is a unique way to deliver a beautiful smoky flavour without using 'additives' to develop the taste.

Cold Smoking is done for a long period of time, at a very low temperature.  We chose to smoke this way as we value the beautiful benefits of the quality ingredients we use and do not want to destroy their nutritional benefits with heating. 

We also use non-toxic, clean wood at all times as part of the process. 

Smoked sea salt provides many health benefits due to its content of vital minerals. It is a pure source of iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc, and iodine.


100% Pure Australian Sea Salt Flakes that are cold smoked

Allergen Advice


Serving Suggestions

Sprinkle on Salads, meat, veges,

Stir into soup, stir fry, dips,
and so much more.


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  • Gut Friendly

    Making life easier for people with a food allergies or intolerance.

  • Great for kids

    Loved by everyone in the family. Including kids!

  • Delicious

    Great tastes everyone will enjoy.

  • Give back

    Percentages of profits given back to the community.